• Founded in 1992
  • Allows individuals to directly participate in oil and gas wells
  • Experts in exploitation of known reserves (PUDs)
  • Drills safer developmental wells only
  • Uses latest technology to reduce risks
  • Excellent industry reputation
  • Management team led by West Point graduate
  • Member of the BBB
The High Sierra Joint Venture is our final project for this year!
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The High Sierra JV cross section above shows our proposed location along the left side near the fault. We will be drilling at a slight angle through nine different potentially productive oil and gas formations, producing them one at a time. The nearby offset wells were all drilled in the 1940’s which was long before 3D seismic was shot in this area. All of the offset wells were oil productive, even though they were drilled low on the formation and they stopped short of many other potentially large pay zones. By utilizing the 3D seismic survey, we are now able to see the formations as they rise into the fault, providing us with the best location to drill a new well. This location should allow us to optimize the total oil and gas reserves between all nine pay zones, and we are excited to get started. If you have an interest to learn more about this project, please call us at 1-800-783-9059, or feel free to contact us via the website today!
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This video is a visit to the Powell Lumber JV well site to see the well being drilled. This project is located just a few miles outside of Lake Charles, Louisiana. For information about our next well project, contact us today!
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  • Monthly income
  • Potentially large returns
  • 100% Tax Deductible
  • 15% of the income is tax free
  • Can be a hedge against the stock market and the world economy
  • As a scarce resource, prices have trended upward
  • Can continue to pay for many years after initial investment has been returned


  • Cherry-picking - we seek prospects industry wide (maybe our biggest advantage)
  • We drill only safer wells
  • We drill only prospects with “proved undeveloped” oil and gas reserves
  • We drill only wells with multiple pay zones


  • No one in the industry, including us, can guarantee that any particular well will be successful. We do, however, guarantee that our prospects are of the highest caliber, with strong supporting data.
  • If you participate in one of our projects, we will keep you informed in a very timely manner with good news or bad news.
  • As a joint venture partner, you will vote on any significant work done on the well and decisions to sell the well in the event a buyout offer is received.

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