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Oil & Gas JV Advantages

  • Potential monthly income for years
  • Potentially large returns
  • 100% tax deductible
  • 15% of the income is tax free

Why Us

  • We research prospects industry wide
  • We drill only safer development wells
  • We drill prospects with 3D seismic & PUD zones
  • We only drill wells with multiple pay zones

Our Guarantee

  • We are for real, 23+ years in business, BBB A+
  • No wild cat wells! Development projects only
  • All our prospects are of the highest caliber
  • Clear and open communication at all times


Why you should read this book

  • Learn about the basics to oil and gas investing.
  • Contains important details about oil and gas tax information.
  • Understand how an oil well is drilled, from start to finish.

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Urban Joint Venture


  • Founded in 1992
  • Allows individuals to directly participate in oil and gas wells
  • Experts in exploitation of known reserves (PUDs)
  • Drills safer developmental wells only
  • Uses latest technology to reduce risks
  • Excellent industry reputation
  • Management team led by West Point graduate
  • Member of the BBB

Drilling the Fortunato

Take a scenic ride with U.S. Emerald Energy as we head to Bay City, Texas, to see the drilling location of the Fortunato Joint Venture. This 3D PUD well is drilling to a total depth of ~10,560 feet and is targeting multiple oil and gas formations.

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While there are lots of risk in all forms of investments today
U.S. Emerald Energy has been effective
Written by : Raymond B
Date Published : 2015-19-10

While there are lots of risk in all forms of investments today, of which oil is definitely one, U.S. Emerald Energy has been effective in not overstating nor misrepresenting anything. I wanted to personally thank you for the opportunity to be a venture partner in three different wells. Having been born and living in Texas in my younger life, I’ve always wanted to be part of the oil industry. U.S. Emerald Energy became my only choice after a long due diligence period.


I have been doing business with U.S. Emerald Energy for 12 years
I have always found the company to be very professional
Written by : Kent R
Date Published : 2015-11-10

I have been doing business with U.S. Emerald Energy for 12 years. I have always found the company to be very professional. Matt Greenfield’s emails keep me informed of the performance of my wells and has been an added bonus. I hold Michael Slavin with much respect. His integrity is what keeps me investing with U.S. Emerald. I also love the excitement of having a well drilled that I own a part of. Of course, it can be a risky investment, but I have done quite well with my investments through U.S. Emerald Energy.