• Founded in 1992
  • Allows individuals to directly participate in oil and gas wells
  • Experts in exploitation of known reserves (PUDs)
  • Drills safer developmental wells only
  • Uses latest technology to reduce risks
  • Excellent industry reputation
  • Management team led by West Point graduate
  • Member of the BBB
Below is a Google Earth image of the location for our newest project, the Fortunato Joint Venture. This development PUD well is drilling to a total vertical depth of over 10,000 feet, targeting multiple pay zones using 3D seismic technology and subsurface control. The prospect is located just south of Bay City, TX, in the prolific Lucky Field. We estimate to spud the well in early summer of 2014. Please contact us today for a prospect .PDF file with detailed information in regards to this exciting new project.
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Watch a short video as U.S. Emerald Energy heads out in the field to visit the Franks Field Joint Venture, Bofysil #2D well. This project was currently put into production and has many potential zones to also produce in the future. The Franks Field JV partners could have monthly income from this well for many years. For information about our next well project, contact us today!
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  • Monthly income
  • Potentially large returns
  • 100% Tax Deductible
  • 15% of the income is tax free
  • Can be a hedge against the stock market and the world economy
  • As a scarce resource, prices have trended upward
  • Can continue to pay for many years after initial investment has been returned


  • Cherry-picking - we seek prospects industry wide (maybe our biggest advantage)
  • We drill only safer wells
  • We drill only prospects with “proved undeveloped” oil and gas reserves
  • We drill only wells with multiple pay zones


  • No one in the industry, including us, can guarantee that any particular well will be successful. We do, however, guarantee that our prospects are of the highest caliber, with strong supporting data.
  • If you participate in one of our projects, we will keep you informed in a very timely manner with good news or bad news.
  • As a joint venture partner, you will vote on any significant work done on the well and decisions to sell the well in the event a buyout offer is received.

Latest News

Investing in Oil Wells Has Never Been Easier

[Posted on April 14th, 2014 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

Investing with an experienced partner is always a good idea, regardless of the type of investment vehicle. This is especially true when it comes to a complex industry like petroleum production. It’s almost impossible for an individual investor to gain enough knowledge and first-hand experience to take on investing in oil wells without the help of a tried and true company like U.S. Emerald Energy. Below are several reasons why you should team up with U.S. Emerald Energy and invest in the oil industry.
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Partner with the Industry Leaders at U.S. Emerald Energy for an Oil Well Investment

oil well investment

Founded in 1992, U.S. Emerald Energy has experience in all aspects of oil and gas exploration and management. Our investors have the unique opportunity to be directly involved in oil and gas well investments. By employing experts in the recovery of proved undeveloped reserves (PUD), we are able to drill safer developmental wells with a higher chance of success. We have the most up to date technologies that enable us to reduce risks and this has afforded us over 20 successful years in the industry. Our clients rely on us to execute strategic oil well investment decisions and we have the means to provide them with residual income and potentially large returns for many years.

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Call U.S. Emerald Energy When You Need to Know How To Invest in Oil Wells

how to invest in oil

At U.S. Emerald Energy, we have developed one of the most streamlined and advanced methodologies in the industry. With our investments of time and technology for the selection process, we ensure all the facts are known up front and our investors should feel confident that this is how to how to invest in oil securely. We undertake this meticulous approach to our selection process to lead to greater profitability for our investors. With a sound methodology, our experts preserve comprehensive developmental prospects for your investments.

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Invest in Oil Wells with the Leaders in the Industry, U.S. Emerald Energy

invest in oil wells

U.S. Emerald Energy uses only the finest technological equipment on the market to invest in oil wells. We expand on an 80% success rate for a developmental well by adding our own proven methodologies as well as all the state of the art technology available including 3D seismic. Because of this, we have achieved a significantly better success rate with our oil well investments above the industry average on developmental wells, and our investors reap those rewards.

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Partner with the Skilled Professionals at U.S. Emerald Energy to Invest in Oil Wells

investing in oil wells

U.S. Emerald Energy is leading the industry on investing in oil wells because they employ the experts with the know-how and the skills to manage their prospects successfully. Our selection process gives us the flexibility to cherry pick across the industry in order to find the very best scenarios. We supply our investors with the opportunity to collect monthly income for many years with potentially large returns. Our clients rely on us to make sound investment decisions and we have been fortunate enough to provide them over 20 years of success in the industry.

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