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5 Habits of Highly Successful People

[Posted on March 3, 2015 by Michael L. F. Slavin]


Upon pursuing success and achieving your dreams, it’s important to realize that highly successful people utilize key habits to become successful based on where they were in life when they began the journey. As with other successful people, everyone must start their journey from different points in their lives. We all come from different backgrounds, resulting in some having more leverage than others, such as having access to cash or knowledge and skills required to achieve success. According to Michael L. F. Slavin, CEO of U.S. Emerald Energy and author of One Million in the Bank, emphasis is put on the importance of planning and doing an early assessment of your skills to determine what you need to begin the journey of success, and for some, they may require more discipline.

According to the Small Business Administration, discipline and bad habits are an on-going challenge for small business owners. Although people reach success from different paths, including Michael L. F. Slavin, there are five habits found to be more common among highly successful people, including the following:

Performing a Personal and Professional Assessment

Performing an assessment allows you to examine your current situation to identify where you are and allow you know what you need to succeed. You should be realistic about what improvements are needed to succeed. Do you lack self-discipline and self control or live around people that prevent you from making progress? Whatever the challenge, a self-assessment can help you identify those areas and determine what plan and action is needed.

Obtaining Skills and Knowledge

It’s important to gain knowledge and the proper skills to perform the required task at hand, and be good at it. You may have to take courses or attend workshops to gain knowledge and skills needed in the area that you want to succeed in.

Working With a Team

Working with other experts who are highly skilled in their fields of expertise will supplement your efforts. They can help you reach your goals faster and can focus on their areas of expertise, such as marketing, financing or administration, while you focus on your area of expertise, such as the production aspects of what you’re attempting to accomplish. Having a plan in place will assist you in determining which team members are needed the most.

Planning For the Future

Having a plan allows you to map out the appropriate steps and costs needed to determine what’s needed during the course of your journey. The journey will take both planning and action steps, which are required to complete the journey. It will also provide you with a timeline as to when the plan can be launched and executed.

Utilizing Technology

The use of the latest technology will allow you to stay on the cutting edge, keep up with competition and increase your overall turnaround time.  It’s important to know what the “tools of the trade” are in your specific industry to both increase productivity and appear competitive among your clientèle.

Based on the information above, you may find that you will require more work and effort to reach your goal than originally planned. However, making the decision to take the first step towards developing skill sets and habits required to achieve your goal is an accomplishment in and of itself.

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