Am I Ready for Investing in Oil and Gas?

[Posted on September 12th, 2013 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

Investing in oil and gas wells can be a great choice for individuals just breaking into the world of investing, as well as more seasoned investors. Below are some ways to tell if investing in oil and gas production wells with U.S. Emerald Energy is a good fit for you. 


Investment experts constantly advise their clients to diversify, or spread their money over several different types of investments. Doing so allows an investor to realize returns in all economic conditions. Investing in oil and gas is a unique type of investment that presents opportunities not available with other types of investments. When an investor partners with U.S. Emerald Energy, the investor provides the necessary financing, while U.S. Emerald Energy provides the research, equipment and labor. Both the partners and U.S. Emerald Energy share in the profits of a productive well. 


The price of oil and gas is tied to many factors, including the available supply, demand based upon economic activity and geopolitical factors. Although demand may fluctuate with cycles of economic activity, there will always be some demand for these important commodities, making investing in them a relatively stable choice. 

Tax Benefits

Many kinds of investments, such as real estate, stocks and bonds, are heavily taxed. For investors who already have money tied up in other types of investments, oil and gas production can be a great way to invest tax-free. The money used to drill any oil or gas well, even one that is not productive, is completely tax-deductible. A portion of the income generated from a productive well is also tax-free. 

Creating Income

Some investors are looking for a one-time return on investment, while others seek to create a long-term source of income. Investing in oil and gas is an excellent way to create an income stream that can be used to pay bills, buy luxuries or save for a rainy day. U.S. Emerald Energy uses cutting edge exploration methods to find production areas with multiple layers of oil and gas reserves to increase the length of time that a well generates income for the investor. 

Advancements in Modern Technology

As your partner in oil and gas investing, U.S. Emerald Energy uses only the most modern technology to explore for oil and gas reserves. Seismic investigation and high-tech 3D modeling are used to map the subsurface to find the best areas for locating new wells. This type of research increases the likelihood of drilling a profitable well. For an investor looking for a new way to invest in a stable commodity, while creating income and receiving protection from federal taxes, investing with U.S. Emerald Energy could be the answer.

Investing in oil and gas wells with U.S. Emerald Energy is a straightforward process that can produce lucrative results. When deciding where to place your next investment, contact U.S. Emerald Energy in order to expand your knowledge of the oil and gas industry and begin the journey of investing in the industry.

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