Eager to Invest In Oil? Find Unrivaled Opportunities at U.S. Emerald Energy

[Posted on August 1st, 2013 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

Investors, who are looking to diversify their portfolios and invest in a lower-risk natural resource with an especially high return rate, should strongly consider making the decision to invest in oil. With the help of U.S. Emerald Energy as a managing partner, investors of all types can rest assured that they are being given the most professional guidance and the best opportunities to invest in this constantly growing and often lucrative industry.

What Is Oil and Gas Investing?

Oil and gas investing is taking advantage of the likelihood that new wells or sources will yield high-quality products that can be sold for a profit. During this process, investors provide the capital in order to drill new wells or participate in recompletions, and enjoy the benefits of a “strike” of oil or natural gas when they invest in oil and gas.

Today, new technology such as advanced 3D seismic surveying has enabled oil and gas companies to minimize the uncertainty of the oil and gas drilling process and target reserves that seem the most likely to become productive.

Why Should I Choose U. S. Emerald Energy?

U. S. Emerald Energy has been in business since 1992. While no company can guarantee a return on any particular well or reserve, U. S. Emerald Energy can guarantee that only the wells with the greatest return potential are selected for investment after a careful screening process. By maintaining strong relationships with drilling companies and keeping a positive reputation within the oil and gas industry, U.S. Emerald Energy is given the liberty to “cherry-pick” their wells and only offer investors the safest projects available. Between 50 to 100 different projects will be shown to U.S. Emerald Energy each year, and only the best 4 or 5 offerings will be selected that year to be shown to potential joint venture partners.

Another element that sets U. S. Emerald Energy apart from other oil and gas investment companies is that they allow investors to directly participate in oil and gas well investments through a joint venture partnership. This type of investment structure is not always available throughout the industry.  Many companies, in fact, structure their offerings as limited partnerships, which could negate many of the oil and gas active tax advantages. U.S. Emerald Energy believes that giving investors a joint venture partnership and offering transparent investment information is the best policy for both the company and the individual partners.

The Best Prospects

U. S. Emerald Energy only chooses developmental well sites, using the latest technology in the industry in order to drill the safest wells as possible. Furthermore, U. S. Emerald Energy endorses wells and drilling sites that observe protocols to minimize the impact on the environment. Drilling strictly developmental wells with proven reserves (PUD) is also a great way to greatly reduce the risks of drilling for oil and gas.

There are many reasons to invest with U. S. Emerald Energy. Oil and gas production is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and companies that seek to maximize profits while using safe, secure processes that protect workers and the environment will always be in high demand among investors. U. S. Emerald Energy helps individuals become a part of this exciting investment field regardless of if they have ever invested in petroleum or gas production before. With the help of U. S. Emerald Energy, both new and veteran investors can trust that they have chosen the right company for oil and gas investments.

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