A gas well, a flowing oil well, and a well with a combination of oil and gas flowing at the same time will have a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is a series of valves, spools, pressure gauges, and chokes fitted to the wellhead of a completed well to control production. If both oil and gas are flowing together, a separator is located with the facilities, oil will be pumped into a tank, and the gas will flow into a gas line.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Diagram

An oil well that is not flowing will have a pump jack located on the well. It is used to mechanically lift liquid out of the well if there is not enough bottom hole pressure for the liquid to flow all the way to the surface.

Pump Jack

Pump Jack Diagram

Oil Tanks and Facilities

Oil will be pumped into a tank and it will be hauled away by truck when it is full, sometimes several times a month.

The Oil being Hauled off Location to Refineries by Tanker Trucks

The gas will be sold straight into a line and be metered. Usually a small section of gas pipe line will be needed to connect the well to a trunk line.