Getting to Know Michael L.F. Slavin, President of U.S. Emerald Energy

[Posted on February 12th, 2014 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

If you’re not familiar with the name Michael L.F. Slavin, you soon will be thanks to his upcoming new book, One Million in the Bank. Mr. Slavin rose from a modest background to build a leading oil and gas company that in turn helps more Americans find financial security. Keep reading to learn about the life of this all-American success story.

Early Life

Michael L.F. Slavin was raised by his working-class grandparents who cared for him from infancy. Despite only receiving an elementary-school education, his grandmother and grandfather were both hard-working, thrifty individuals whose love and support for their grandson were evident throughout his entire childhood. They also dreamed of success for Michael, and passed on these dreams by encouraging him to work hard and aim high.

Military Service

Shortly after graduating from high school, Mr. Slavin entered the United States Military Academy at West Point. The military discipline he acquired while in school there served to augment the discipline he received from his grandparents. After graduation from West Point in 1975, Mr. Slavin went on to hold positions in the U.S. Army that offered increasing levels of responsibility. Highlights of his decade in the military include serving as an infantry and aviation officer, as aide to a general, and as commander of multiple aviation units. Mr. Slavin left the military in 1985 with an honorable discharge.

Founder and president of U.S. Emerald Energy

In 1992, after working in several private companies, Mr. Slavin put his experience as a manager to good use when he founded U.S. Emerald Energy Company. Utilizing the resourcefulness and discipline imparted by his hard-working grandparents and gained during his time in the Army, he built his business the old-fashioned way; from the ground up. Over the past two decades, the company has gained an impeccable reputation for honesty and integrity in the oil and gas business. U.S. Emerald Energy specializes in direct partnership investments that allow individuals to participate in oil and gas production by subsidizing wells in various locations in the U.S. By allowing individuals to invest directly in oil and gas wells, Mr. Slavin and his company have helped many Americans enjoy financial success by creating a reliable source of income that is accompanied by several significant tax breaks available only to investors in American energy production. 

Recent Endeavors

Based upon his success in business and management, Mr. Slavin recently penned a book. One Million in the Bank offers a road map to success for individuals who’d like to follow Mr. Slavin’s path to financial security through profitable business ventures. The book offers some unconventional advice to would-be millionaires, such as using logic instead of emotion when pursuing success, and may help business owners avoid the most common pitfalls that lead to failure. It also recommends working smarter instead of harder and employing proactive business strategies over adopting a hands-off, wait-and-see attitude toward corporate management. Although the book doesn’t impart a magic formula or foolproof secret to getting rich quickly, Mr. Slavin hopes that other current and future business owners will use the information contained in his new book to follow the same principles that allowed him to gain personal wealth and business success.

If you’re interested in learning more about Michael L.F. Slavin, his new book, One Million in the Bank, or his company, U.S. Emerald Energy, visit his Google+ page, his Facebook page or U.S. Emerald Energy today.

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