How to Invest in Oil with Joint Ventures and Direct Partnerships

[Posted on February 5th, 2014 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

All types of investing involve some sort of contractual agreement between the investor and another party, but few are structured as a direct joint venture partnership between an investor and a private company. Oil and gas well investing with U.S. Emerald Energy is one of these rare opportunities to participate in a distinctive investment vehicle that offers many unique advantages. Whether you are unsure of how to invest in oil or an experienced investor looking for a way to diversify your portfolio, U.S. Emerald has something to offer everyone.

The Importance of Oil and Gas Well Investing Partnerships

Over time, reserves of oil and gas located in easily accessible areas have been depleted. Instead of drilling tens or hundreds of feet to find productive formations, wells must now be drilled thousands of feet deep to reach formations that contain adequate oil and gas reserves. Thanks to modern methods of exploration, oil and gas deposits can be detected even at these great depths, and new, high-tech drilling methods make reaching them possible. Although these extremely deep wells are capable of producing large quantities of oil and gas, the initial costs associated with well drilling and completion are significant, especially when combined with exploration and mapping costs. Learning how to invest in oil and entering in partnership arrangements allow the costs to be spread out to individual investors or investment groups who then reap the rewards of taking part in this lucrative business.

Investing with U.S. Emerald Energy

When you invest with U.S. Emerald Energy, you’re partnering with a company that has more than two decades of business in the oil and gas business. The direct partnership arrangements we offer to our investors operate in the mutual interest of both parties. We bring our extensive oil and gas experience to the table, and the investor provides the financial backing necessary to drill and complete the oil and gas wells. U.S. Emerald Energy uses cutting-edge technologies to find prime drilling locations and never wastes the funds provided by our investors by drilling in unproved, unexplored areas. For each well project in which an investor participates, he or she stands to gain:

• A monthly income stream
• Tax breaks on both the initial investment and the resulting income

Even experienced investors may not be familiar with the tax breaks offered by oil and gas well investing. The full amount invested on every well project is deductible on the investor’s federal tax return, and a portion of each monthly distribution check is also free from federal taxes. 

Other Reasons to Invest with Us

While the tax breaks and long-term income stream are inducement enough for many investors, oil and gas well investing with our company also provides other benefits that are more difficult to quantify. By investing in domestic oil and gas production, an investor puts his or her money to work creating jobs here in America instead of overseas. Capturing and using our own natural resources also helps break America’s consistent reliance on fuel purchased or traded from other areas of the globe

If you’re looking for a new way to invest that’s sheltered from the taxation that normally accompanies other types of investing, call U.S. Emerald Energy to find out more about participating in a joint venture project with us. We’ll be glad to tell you more about our current and upcoming projects and give you all the information you need before you make us your trusted investment partner.

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