Invest in Oil Wells With Leaders in the Industry

[Posted on May 9, 2014 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

Investing in the oil and gas industry can be a daunting task, especially in Texas. A stalwart in this sector, Texas is home to several companies, making a pick for investing in oil wells overwhelming. U.S. Emerald Energy Company, which is headquartered in Houston, attempts to make the search for the right investment much easier.

Experienced Industry Leaders

U.S. Emerald Energy was founded in 1992, by Michael L.F. Slavin, who is a West Point Graduate and has over 30 years of experience investing in oil. Today, he continues to serve as the president of the company. Also on executive board, is geologist H. Wilson Williams, Jr, administrator John R. Sowa, and investment relations officer Matthew B. Greenfield. They combine to provide almost 100 years of experience from their respective specialties. U.S. Emerald Energy specializes in oil and gas acquisition, exploration, production and development of reserves in Texas, as well as Louisiana.

Developmental Locations

U.S. Emerald Energy concentrates on the Gulf Coast of the U.S. for its oil and gas activities. A region that includes the coasts of Texas and Louisiana on the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf Coast is the premier region for oil and gas reserves in the country. Despite this choice location, U.S. Emerald Energy exercises quality control by employing selectivity with oil wells.

Meticulous Well Selection

U.S. Emerald cherry-picks oil prospects by first waiting until 3D seismic shots are shot and processed. Then the company starts evaluating the prospects, which can lead to between 50 to 100 geological reviews each year. U.S. Emerald whittled the number down to four or five solid prospects for further research and are in ready-to-drill status. It is a meticulous selection process that has ensured solid developmental and well-researched prospects from the company since the early ’90s.

Safer, Developmental Wells

U.S. Emerald stays away from drilling wildcat wells; these are wells that are drilled in areas that lack surrounding production. Instead, the company focuses on drilling in a known production area. This method is supplemented by 3D seismic data. In cases when wells and fields were drilled before the advent of this technology, using 3D seismic surveys are particularly helpful. In fact, the seismic reflection data can enable the company to drill areas that were previously missed.

Exploring Underdeveloped Zones

U.S. Emerald Energy comprises experts in the exploitation of known reserves that have not yet been completely produced. These prospects are known as proved undeveloped zones, or PUDs. Not many wells have PUDs, and with evidence of seismic technology, these category of wells are known for a higher-than-average success rate, at 80 percent.

Multiple Pay Zones

U.S. Emerald usually prefers drilling wells with multiple potential pay zones. Such wells provide three to five chances (or even more) for clients to hit a successful pay zone. By contrast, drilling for a single objective would only provide one chance to hit pay.

Oil and gas companies never guarantee that any particular well they select will be successful, and U.S. Emerald Energy is no exception. However, U.S. Emerald Energy notifies clients of the status in a timely manner. If the news is less than favorable, clients can choose to vote on any substantial work done on the well and even sell their share if a reasonable buyout offer arrives. Ultimately, U.S. Emerald Energy is backed by strong supporting data to ensure that they have nothing but top-tier prospects and solid investment potential.