Investing in Oil and Gas is Essential to American Energy Independence

[Posted on December 17th, 2013 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

America’s dependence on foreign oil has been the subject of numerous news reports in recent years and is an issue that concerns many American citizens. Our dependence on petroleum and other fuels obtained from non-domestic sources has declined slightly since 2005, but a large percentage of the oil and gas used to fuel the economic engine still comes from sources outside the United States. Investing in oil and gas with a trusted, experienced corporation like U.S. Emerald Energy is one way to change that.

American Dependence on Foreign Fuel Sources

Although our nation is moving from a manufacturing base toward an economy based on information technologies, petroleum and gas products remain critical fuels for our modern economy. Most vehicles that transport people and goods are powered solely by gasoline or diesel. Petroleum by-products are also used in the creation of plastic and to produce other objects that Americans use every day. In 2012, America consumed nearly 19 million barrels of petroleum per day. Forty percent of this petroleum was not produced within the United States but was derived from overseas sources, including Canada, Mexico, Russia, Venezuela and various nations in the Middle East. Statistics like these make it seem that there is no possible way a single individual could ever impact the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. However, by choosing to invest in American sources of oil and gas that are developed by American companies, even a lone investor can play a role in reducing America’s dependence on foreign sources of petroleum and gas. At U.S. Emerald Energy, we work with many individual investors who are interested in helping boost American petroleum and gas production instead of continuing to put our nation at the mercy of foreign countries for sources of fuel. Investing in oil and gas with U.S. Emerald Energy also keeps your investment dollars within the U.S. and helps to employ American workers.

Investing in American Petroleum and Gas

Investing in American oil and gas production with U.S. Emerald Energy is hassle-free and straightforward. We bring over two decades of experience in exploration and drilling to the table, and you, the investor, help provide the necessary funding for the drilling project. In return for investing in American oil and gas, the federal government provides multiple tax breaks for both the investment itself and the income generated by a successful project. The tangible portion of the investment includes the hard assets used to drill and complete the well, such as well casings, piping and pumping equipment and is depreciated on a seven year timetable like all other types of business equipment and physical assets. The intangible portion of the investment consists of wages paid to workers, contractor’s fees and other expenses, and this portion of the initial outlay can be taken as a tax deduction immediately. Fifteen percent of the income generated by each well is also exempted from federal taxes.

Investing in oil and gas wells not only provides a way to create a stream of income for you and your family, it also presents the opportunity for you to take action to free America from overseas oil sources. To learn more about investing in a single well or in multiple drilling projects, contact U.S. Emerald Energy today for more information.

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