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Hagen Ranch 4H well located in Texas

This video shows U.S. Emerald Energy taking a visit to see the Hagen Ranch 4H well located in the Austin Chalk, TX. Initially the production of this well was over 400 bbls of oil per day on a 32/64″ choke.


“U.S. Emerald Energy has been helpful in presenting numerous oil & gas investment opportunities over the past several years. As a retired geologist I have been pleased with the income stream, which they have provided which should leave a revenue legacy long after I am gone.”Ralph P., – Geologist, Grass Valley, CA

“I’ve invested in 12 joint ventures with U.S. Emerald Energy. They are scrupulously honest. My income stream beats the stock and bond markets even without the tax deductions.”William A., – Airline Pilot, Colleyville, TX


U.S. Emerald Energy is an Industry Leader when Investing in Oil and Gas

investing in oil and gasBy investing in oil and gas with U.S. Emerald Energy, you can potentially have a steady, monthly income for years along with high returns. Our talented and highly-qualified employees have over 20 years of experience and have a keen eye for which prospect is a wise choice. Only after a project is leased and researched do we consider it ready to drill. We have applied this methodology repeatedly to evaluate multiple prospects, and it allows us to cherry-pick only the best.

U.S. Emerald Energy makes it as safe as possible when investing in oil and gas due to a streamlined, technologically-advanced methodology that our highly-skilled professionals have developed. First, our prospect selection cycle begins with the assessment of up to 50 to 100 different oil and gas prospects each year. Then, we select four or five solid developmental prospects that are scientifically sound and research them in detail. As part of the due diligence process, we have one or more independent geologists break down and rebuild the prospect. Basing our findings on specific discoveries and pertinent considerations, we can then eliminate prospects and choose the best one for oil and gas investments. Using a rational approach and state-of-the-art advanced equipment, along with a talented and skilled staff, we are able to select solid developmental and well-researched prospects that have provided us with an exceptional record of accomplishment for investing in oil and gas wells. We have been utilizing this method for more than 20 years with outstanding results.

When it comes to oil well investments, U.S. Emerald Energy will use only the best technological equipment available. In the industry, there is an ~80% success rate when drilling a classified developmental well. By adding our own methodology (PUD) and advanced technology (such as a 3D seismic), U.S. Emerald Energy can help to make this success rate even higher. As a result, our success rate exceeds the industry average on developmental wells.

To ensure our clients that we have all of the necessary data, we take the time to invest in our selection process so all bases are covered. Using this approach with our selection process gives investors the necessary confidence so they can experience potentially higher profits. You are in good hands when you partner with U.S. Emerald Energy for an oil well investment.

Contact U.S. Emerald Energy today to have the best chance at making greater profits tomorrow.

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Investing In Oil And Gas With U.S. Emerald Energy Has Tax Advantages

Investing in Oil and Gas is widely seen as one of the most tax-advantaged investment decisions that can be made. In 1986, the United States Congress presented a number of tax benefits to promote the domestic production of oil and gas financed by personal financial investment. The passing of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 has encouraged people to directly become involved in oil and gas well drilling. Given that oil and gas interests are exempt from being classified as “Passive Income” this form of financial investment tends to be especially rewarding. At U.S. Emerald Energy we offer numerous oil and gas investment opportunities.
Since we only drill developmental prospects, the wells we drill are much safer to drill. An Oil well investment has certain risks. There is no guarantee that a well will produce. Since this is a factor, we encourage potential investors to put money in at least three wells. This enhances the possibility of a well hitting pay and decreases your overall risk. A well that produces can pay for many years beyond your initial commitment.

Now is an excellent time to consider investing in oil and gas because the demand for petroleum products is high and prices are rising. When you invest in oil wells with U.S. Emerald Energy you have the demonstrated success and experience of veteran experts in the exploitation of known reserves at your disposal. When you participate in one of our projects, we will keep you informed in a very timely manner about the well’s progress. As a joint venture partner, you will vote on any major decisions done on the well, and be involved in any decisions to sell if a buyout offer is tendered.

For more information about investing in oil and gas we ask that you contact U.S. Emerald Energy at your earliest convenience. We will be happy to answer your questions or schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of our professionals. If you would like further information please feel free to browse our web site. You can learn more about our geologists and the steps involved in drilling a well.

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