Investing In Oil Wells Is Regarded As Among The Most Tax-Advantaged Investment Opportunities Available

In 1986, the United States Congress made available certain tax incentives to encourage domestic production of oil and gas financed by private investment. Investing in oil wells is regarded as among the most tax-advantaged investment opportunities available. The result of the passing of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 has enabled individuals with private monies to directly participate in oil and gas well drilling.  In fact, each well project is 100% tax deductible, and 15% of the gross income from well production is tax free!

U.S. Emerald Energy offers the opportunity to Invest in Oil and gas wells that are in prospects with “proved undeveloped” (PUD) oil and gas reserves. We were established in 1992 and a West Point graduate leads our management team. We make it possible for people to become directly involved in the drilling of oil and gas wells. We are industry experts in the exploitation of acknowledged reserves and have considerable experience in drilling developmental wells. There is some risk with this type of investment, as there are with any investments. However, with our nation depending more and more on domestic production, an investment of this nature is a good safeguard and can be a hedge against the market.

If you are considering an oil well investment, U.S. Emerald Energy recommends that you invest in at least three prospects. This in effect diminishes your risk factor by increasing your chances of at having one or more good wells, if not all three. One reason investing in oil wells is so attractive, aside from tax benefits, is that a good well can pay out for many years after you have recouped your initial outlay.

If you have ever considered investing in oil wells, now is the best time and U.S. Emerald Energy is the best company in which to invest with. We have a demonstrable track record for successful wells and we encourage your participation and involvement beyond merely investing. You will be a joint venture partner, and as such, you will have a vote on any major work done on the well. For more information about the advantages in investing in oil and gas, we invite you to explore the rest of our website.

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