Are You Ready to Begin Investing in Oil Wells?

[Posted on June 9, 2014 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

Some individual investors, even those with a long and varied history of successfully participating in many different types of investments, are not completely familiar with how investing in oil wells works. If that is the case with you or if you have never heard of oil well investing at all, keep reading to learn more about its many advantages and to find out what makes U.S. Emerald Energy an investment partner you can trust.

How Oil Well Investing Works

When an individual is investing in oil wells with U.S. Emerald Energy, he or she enters into a contractual agreement with the company to provide the financial backing needed to locate, drill and complete an oil well. Other companies may structure their agreements in different ways, but when working with U.S. Emerald Energy, no additional action is required of the investor. U.S. Emerald Energy’s contribution to the joint-venture arrangement includes:

• Performing the background research
• Acquiring the necessary materials
• Coordinating labor and equipment
• Directing the drilling and completion of the well
• Managing the well after completion

While nothing else is required of an individual investor, investors are always free to visit their wells at any time before, during or after completion. If advance notice is given, a U.S. Emerald Energy representative may be available to accompany the investor to the well, or detailed maps and directions can be provided. Individual well projects may also be securely tracked online through the U.S. Emerald Energy website.

How Investors Benefit

With some types of investing, it can take years to realize a return, but the advantages of oil well investing begin to materialize almost immediately. The benefits of investing in an oil well fall into two general categories-long-term income and tax breaks. For every successful well project that an investor funds, he or she will receive a monthly distribution check based on the production of the well. These checks represent the amount of petroleum extracted from the well in the previous month, and they will keep being issued until the well is sold or the petroleum reserve is tapped out. Oil well investors may also take advantage of specially structured tax breaks that allow them to deduct the entire amount of their initial investment. These tax breaks are offered to encourage participation in domestic energy production and are extended even to investors who fund unsuccessful well projects. The tax protection for oil well investing also extends to the distribution income, with 15 percent of each monthly distribution check generated by a productive well completely free of federal taxation.

How to Get Started

Before investing in anything, it is important to get all the facts about the benefits and risks involved. The U.S. Emerald Energy website has a wealth of information about the investing process, what new investors can expect and the different tasks involved in drilling and completing an oil well. The steps that U.S. Emerald Energy takes to ensure that investor’s funds are put to good use by performing cutting edge research, including seismic testing and computer modeling, and drilling only in areas with proved, undeveloped reserves are also clearly outlined.

For much more information, including details on our recent drilling projects, contact U.S. Emerald Energy today through our website or by phone. Our team will be glad to answer all your questions and help you get started in this exclusive form of investing today.

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