Strengthen Your Portfolio by Investing in Oil Wells

[Posted on June 23, 2014 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

Investing in oil wells is a great way to increase your income through dividends and to have tax advantages. Investing in oil is one of the ideal ways to expand your investment portfolio. Here are some of the ways you can improve your financial situation by investing in oil wells.

Return on Investment

Certain investments are risky, which investors need to make major returns. The problem a lot of investors run into is finding the right oil company to invest in. The United States runs largely on crude oil and the demand for crude oil will continue to grow as the demand for oil and gas is necessary to run vehicles in the country. Gas prices are causing consumers to pay more, which can bring serious returns for investing in oil wells.

Tax Advantages

One of the major advantages to investing in oil is for the tax break. Oil and gas investments have several tax advantages. Even if the oil wells end up dry, investors will still earn part of their original investment back. The percentage of the income you make from a successful drilling will be written as tax free. Some of the income will be taxed, but the majority of the money is yours to keep.

How to Invest in Gas and Oil

There are different ways to invest in gas and oil. They are broken down into four categories: mutual funds, royalty interests, partnerships, and working interests. The different investments have different rules and requirements for investing and taxes. Mutual funds are the easiest way to invest in oil for more people. They do not have a high level of risk like other investing options.

Partnerships include another option to invest in oil and gas. Limited partnerships are a common method to invest in oil and gas. Royalties allow you to invest in the land where the oil and gas is found and drilled. Landowners can receive one of the highest returns as they make up to 20% in gross production. Working interest is the most involved and riskiest way to invest in oil. The income derived from oil is subject to self-employment tax.

Why Oil

If you want an investment that produces solid returns, oil is one of the best options. From a tax perspective, oil has never looked better for investors.  While drilling for oil can be riskier, the returns can be substantial. Investing with the right company is vital to generate the right returns. Look for companies that want to help their investors grow and make smart financial decisions.

If a company is unwilling to open their doors to you, they are not one you should invest your money with. A good oil company will gladly show their investors around the facilities, and can take you on a personal tour of the drilling site. This will give investors a proper understanding of where their money is going, and how it will generate returns.

Finding Help

Learning the right investment strategy requires solid financial invest from the right companies and advisors. Without the right help in the oil industry, you could invest in the wrong account. This can lead to serious financial losses. Do your research before selecting the right oil investment options to consider.

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