U.S. Emerald Energy Makes Investing in Oil Wells a Straightforward Process

[Posted on November 12th, 2013 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

Stories abound of people who’ve made their fortune in oil. Investors don’t have to own property in order to participate in investing in oil wells. With help from U.S. Emerald Energy, investors can expand their portfolios to include oil and take the chance that they, too, might succeed in this lucrative industry.

No Mess, Potentially Large Returns

When it comes to investing in oil wells,the oil companies need someone to back their ventures, and that’s where the investors come into play. While individuals who own the land or property rights are rewarded, the investors who put their money into the process are also rewarded. They don’t have to physically visit wells or participate in the act associated with extracting oil out of the ground, but potentially large returns are their reward for making this investment.

Monthly Income for Years to Come

U.S. Emerald Energy takes pride in carefully choosing wells and consistently backing solid ventures. Many of their partners enjoy years of lucrative returns on their investments. As with any investment venture, there is no guarantee of success, but the team at U.S. Emerald Energy has a much more consistent record of accomplishment than many other companies.

Cherry-Picking Benefits Investors

The beauty of cherry-picking is that investors can be confident that the oil company isn’t taking unnecessary risks. U.S. Emerald Energy has a proven methodology that helps them pinpoint and work with the most attractive prospects. The company takes the time to research the prospect before making a commitment and looking for the investors. They even go so far as to have potential prospects broken down and rebuilt by independent geologists to have their initial findings confirmed. This makes them one of the safest companies to invest with. Their overall success rate is roughly 80 percent, and over 90 percent for multi-PUD/3D projects. This track record, combined with over 20 years in business, puts U.S. Emerald Energy at the top tier of their industry.

A Tax Deductible Investment

The government is interested in seeing more domestic oil sites developed, and they’re encouraging investors to help make this happen. When individuals choose U.S. Emerald Energy to invest in oil wells, they can write off 100 percent of their initial investment. Additionally, the returns from these investments may be taxed at a lower rate provided the investment is held for the long-term. In addition, 15% of the gross income from a well is tax free.

Advanced Equipment

U.S. Emerald Energy also believes in using the latest technology. They’ve made the decision to only consider wells with some of the best technology available, including 3D seismic imaging and spectral decomposition. They also prefer projects with proven undeveloped reserves PUD and multiple formations. Their conservative well selection process is a strong reason why most of these types of well offerings will be successful.

Getting started in oil well investing is a straightforward process. U.S. Emerald Energy offers direct investment options so partners can enjoy more benefits. The company has a proven track record and solid methodologies that help them enjoy an 80 to 90 percent success rate, depending on the features of the prospect.They are also a company rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, and they have more than 21 years in business.

It can take several months after the initial investment before investors start seeing any return, but the checks are consistent once the oil starts flowing to the tanks. Investors may also see the checks increase as wells become more productive or prices increase. Consumers can contact the company directly at 800-783-9059 to learn more about the investing options.

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