Investing in Oil Wells with U.S Emerald Energy

[Posted on February 13th, 2014 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

Investing in oil wells can be a good way to provide you with a source of income. Oil well investing through such programs as joint venture development well projects and investment opportunities known as direct participation programs or direct partnerships are available not only to the wealthy but to average investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios. If you have not considered investing in oil well development programs, now is the time to consider the potential value these opportunities may bring to your portfolio.

When investing in oil wells, you need to work with a company that has experience in finding the best available opportunities. U.S. Emerald Energy, an investment limited partnership that is based in Houston, Texas, has been in the business of employing methods and strategies that have been successful for their clients. The company understands how to locate and develop oil wells that are ready for production. They work with both proved undeveloped as well as multiple pay zones that offer the greatest probability of a return on investment.

Types of Investment Opportunities  

Oil well investing provides you with an additional way for your money to work for you. As prices for both crude oil and refined gasoline are on the upswing, investments in oil well development projects are also on the rise as investors look for different ways for their money to work.

Investing in an oil well development can be accomplished through different types of investment opportunities. These opportunities include direct partnerships and joint venture oil investments. In a direct partnership and joint venture oil investments, you own a direct percentage of the oil well development project. Because crude oil and refined gasoline are in high demand, your investment can act as an opportunity to earn an additional income by participating in this venture. Your investment, regardless of its performance, is also 100% tax deductible and 15% of the gross income from your well is tax free.

How to Get Started  

Getting started in the investment begins with a look at the oil well development programs that are available through U.S. Emerald Energy. With over 20 years of business in the industry, U.S. Emerald Energy not only cherry picks their wells, but uses the latest technology in order to procure the well with the most potential. They will work hard to make sure you understand all of the information associated with the oil well development program.

U.S. Emerald Energy has a long history of successfully developing oil wells. Their experience and expertise in the industry will help you make the most of your participation in this type of venture and yield the highest potential profit. Contact them today to learn more about how to make investing in oil wells work for you.

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