Curious to Learn How to Invest in Oil? Find a Trusted Partner with U.S. Emerald Energy

[Posted on September 26th, 2013 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

Many investors are not familiar with how to invest in oil and gas production, but the following information about this investment opportunity should help dispel any confusion. Keep reading to find out more about U.S. Emerald Energy and how to invest in oil and gas production wells.

Benefit From Experience

When you learn how to invest in oil and gas with U.S. Emerald Energy you don’t have to know everything about the oil and gas business. With a trusted oil and gas expert like U.S. Emerald Energy on your team you can invest with confidence and take advantage of 20+ years in oil and gas well production and management. U.S. Emerald Energy offers a unique type of direct partnership arrangement with individual investors that provide mutual benefits to both parties. 

Learn the Ropes

U.S. Emerald Energy makes investing in oil and gas wells very straightforward. When investing with U.S. Emerald Energy, the company and the investor enter into a carefully structured joint venture agreement.  If the well is productive, the investor will receive regular distributions based upon current market prices and the quantity of oil or gas produced from the well. In addition, the investment itself is 100% tax deductible on the investor’s federal tax return, and 15% of the gross income from the well is tax free.

Understand the Benefits

Despite using the most modern exploration technologies, U.S. Emerald Energy cannot guarantee that every well drilled will produce oil or gas. However, investing in oil and gas production offers some special benefits even when a well is not successful. The costs of drilling any well, even one that does not strike a productive reserve, are completely tax deductible on the investor’s federal income tax return. In addition, if the well is a dry hole then it will not be completed, and the partners will receive a completion refund in addition to the tax deduction.

Reap the Rewards

Oil and gas well investing is a great way for an individual or family to create monthly income that can be used to finance retirement expenses, pay for extras or to re-invest. The income derived from your well will be sent to you every month in the form of a check. The long-term stream of income is very appealing to many people, particularly those in retirement who prefer to receive a monthly check instead of a lump-sum payout. Fifteen percent of the gross income from a productive well is tax free, and the checks will keep coming as long as the well is productive. U.S. Emerald Energy attempts to make each well as long-lived as possible by locating and drilling wells that penetrate multiple reserves.

There is no need to be curious or confused about oil and gas well investing. More information is available at U.S. Emerald Energy. The website includes a wealth of information about current projects and also details U.S. Emerald Energy’s decades of experience in direct oil and gas well partnerships, so visit the site today.

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