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Hagen Ranch 4H well located in Texas

This video shows U.S. Emerald Energy taking a visit to see the Hagen Ranch 4H well located in the Austin Chalk, TX. Initially the production of this well was over 400 bbls of oil per day on a 32/64″ choke.


“U.S. Emerald Energy has been helpful in presenting numerous oil & gas investment opportunities over the past several years. As a retired geologist I have been pleased with the income stream, which they have provided which should leave a revenue legacy long after I am gone.”Ralph P., – Geologist, Grass Valley, CA

“I’ve invested in 12 joint ventures with U.S. Emerald Energy. They are scrupulously honest. My income stream beats the stock and bond markets even without the tax deductions.”William A., – Airline Pilot, Colleyville, TX


Michael L.F. Slavin

Writer and businessman Michael L.F. Slavin’s book One Million in the Bank, slated for release in the first quarter of 2014, takes the collective experience of his years as a West Point graduate, U.S. Army officer, employee at various businesses, independent businessman and self-made millionaire and turns them into a guide for others to follow in pursuing their dreams of independent business ownership and successful individuals.

1) What kind of business ownership strategies lead to having One Million in the Bank?

You can’t go wrong with a business model that has already proven itself to be successful. In One Million in the Bank , author Michael L. F. Slavin covers four types of business ownership: a new and original business idea, which are extremely frustrating and rarely successful; buying a business, which can be difficult to succeed in if you are not aware of the market and what its problems can entail; joining a team or coming on board as a partner to add value, but these situations can be difficult to find and relies on someone else’s success as well; and copying an already successful business model.

Mr. Slavin also discusses validated learning in depth, dealing with how logical analysis of business innovation helps create improvement from within the business itself. By starting a business as inexpensively as possible, developing a product and getting it into the market for feedback, the entrepreneur can quickly develop a product with features popular in the market or other products to go along with it. Compared to normal product development curves, the lean startup formula produces far more successes than traditional business models. Read his book to learn more about making your life a success story!

2) How does one come up with business ideas?

In One Million in the Bank, author Michael L. F. Slavin discusses how to develop and explore new business ideas through extensive thought, planning on paper, gathering opinions, and learning how to start a business on a lean budget through careful saving and spending habits.

Additionally, Mr. Slavin addresses a common problem with business failures; lack of action. Many businesses start with plans to make money but fail to address necessary habit shifts and discipline into action rather than waiting for success to happen. After being offered an exceptional offer to lure him out of the military, Mr. Slavin found that his employer could not meet his commitments, leading to seven years’ of floating. After taking control of his own destiny, Mr. Slavin is now imparting that knowledge to the world. This book helps you take control of your destiny – order it today and build a successful tomorrow!

One Million in the Bank is due to be released the 1st Quarter of 2014.

  • What are some of Michael L.F. Slavin’s top achievements?

    Published by on October 4, 2015


    Having long maintained a high level of visibility on Fortune 500, oil and gas companies are among the most profitable in the world. With global assets, the knowledge and infrastructure to develop them, and continuous demand, the energy industry generates billions of dollars every year. 

    But how far does this wealth go? How many lives does it impact? And, most importantly, how can it help those in need around us, from groups to individuals? These were some of the questions Michael L.F. Slavin set out to answer when he started his company, U.S. Emerald Energy. 

    Slavin may not be the only millionaire in the oil and gas industry, but he does stand out because of his desire to spread the wealth. Perhaps this is because he understands, as well as anyone else, what it's like to struggle financially. After a decade of service in the U.S. Army, it took 7 years of struggles and sacrifices before Slavin created U.S. Emerald Energy. A few years later, he made his first million.

    But even after he became successful, Slavin never forgot his earlier years of economic hardship. That's why he based his company on a business model that would allow individuals to directly invest in oil and gas wells and share in their profits. By using the latest technology to only drill developmental wells that have proved reserves and multiple pay zones, U.S. Emerald Energy maximizes the rewards it shares with its investors.

    In addition to this profit-sharing platform, Slavin has also been a major proponent of empowerment through knowledge. His company has an open-door policy that invites investors to visit their investments and learn more about what oil and gas drilling entail. In addition, Slavin's "One Million in the Bank" was written with the intent to provide guidance to new and prospective business owners, based on his own experience.   

    Slavin is also actively involved in shaping the future generation. Not only does he serve on the board of Justice for Children, but U.S. Emerald Energy is currently offering a $1,000 scholarship for a student who deserves this investment in his/her future.

    When considering his story, there is no doubt that Slavin is a highly successful business owner and living proof that hard work and perseverance can pay off, big time. But his greatest legacy is probably the widespread impact he has had on others, and the footprints he will leave for others to follow.

  • How Michael L.F. Slavin can help to generate business ideas for entrepreneurs?

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