Michael L. F. Slavin

The Facts About Mike

My name is Michael L. F. Slavin, and I’m currently the President of U.S. Emerald Energy. I founded my company in 1992 and have been involved in all aspects of oil and gas exploration, from prospecting to leasing, drilling, and production.

I have over 35 years of management experience and I’m also involved in small business start-up evaluation and funding. During my 10 years of service with the United States Army, I served as an infantry officer and later as an aviation officer with a secondary specialty in Operations Research and Systems Analysis. Other positions held while serving as an Army Officer were; commanding two aviation units, being a general’s aide, holding various staff positions, and even being the aide to the President of the United States during his visit to South Korea.

I also have a commercial pilots license in both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. In my 7 years after leaving the Army and before starting U.S. Emerald Energy, I held many different positions as I struggled to find my place in the civilian world. Among many other jobs, I also sold insurance, was a head hunter, raised money for real estate, tried multi-level marketing, and worked with mergers and acquisitions.

I graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1975 with a B.S. in Engineering. My further education includes graduate study in Operations Research and Systems Analysis, and a M.S. in Management in 1984 from Troy State University.

One Million in the Bank is my first book.

How Michael L.F. Slavin can help to generate business ideas for entrepreneurs?

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