Michael L.F. Slavin Wants to Help You Become a Millionaire

[Posted on February 24th, 2015 by Michael L. F. Slavin]


Michael L.F. Slavin, the CEO of U.S. Emerald Energy, wants to help America achieve financial freedom, one small business at a time with a challenge: show every American that they can have a million in the bank within 5-7 years. Slavin started from humble roots in a hard-working family and went into the military, graduating from West Point with a B.S. in engineering. Struggling with money for years, Slavin realized that the key to success was a constant drive to continually achieve. Having applied this in his own life, through years of struggles to find his niche, the author found that he himself had placed a million in the bank – and wanted to show others how to do it too!

One Million in the Bank

“One Million in the Bank” is unique book in that it’s not simply a collection of success stories or a basic how-to guide. Michael L.F. Slavin treats every success story as a sort of case study, to help the reader understand that every person and every business is different. His goal is simple: help Americans determine the goals and the tools needed to begin saving a million in the bank. Along the way, Slavin narrates a few success  stories, from soccer parents to hairdressers, showing how they went from debt to profit, how they found a profitable business, and how you can replicate that success.

The book doesn’t claim anything revolutionary. It simply points out how straightforward it is to bank a million dollars. It doesn’t mean finding a brand new business (sometimes a tried-and-true business) is the easiest way to make a million dollars within a few years. It doesn’t pretend the way is easy, because even the author’s path wasn’t. What it does show is that the struggle that everyday Americans experience is one that they can turn to their benefit: what if those struggles can help prepare you for a pathway to success, one that leads to a million in the bank within a few years? It answers the question of how someone who didn’t have everything handed to them can turn events into positives that will help them profit long-term.

Starting Out Simply

The populist element of Slavin’s writing is evident from the first few pages of One Million in the Bank: Slavin suggests everyone start with something simple, like a simple marble notebook, as a way to record financial information in the form of a journal, to spur on readers into taking stock of expenses, income and growth to continue building their personal financial wealth. It’s not complicated: it’s not a journal of personal thoughts, just a way for you to see where money is coming in, going out, and what you can do to make change happen in your own life and orient yourself to make more.

For the man running a successful oil exploration company who worked his way up to a leadership role through entrepreneurship, the rules of putting a million in the bank are simple: find a business that can be successful, one that you can do, and start keeping track. Slavin’s book makes it as simple as black and white: making money, succeeding and gaining personal fulfillment in your life is completely in your hands.

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