Michael L.F. Slavin Can Help Make Your Financial Dreams Become Reality

[Posted on April 30th, 2014 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

The president of U.S. Emerald Energy Company, Michael L.F. Slavin is dedicated to helping people make their financial dreams come true. His new book, “One Million in the Bank,” discusses how he has helped other people begin pursuing their financial dreams and shares advice on how to find great success in these ventures. He draws on his own experience as the president of a successful company, and shares his experiences with professionals he has worked with over the years.

About Mr. Slavin

Michael L.F. Slavin started out serving as an infantry officer in the Army, and then became an aviator with a secondary specialty in Operations Research and Systems Analysis. After leaving the military, he founded U.S. Emerald Energy more than 22 years ago, and continues to be involved in all aspects of the business from oil and gas exploration to final production. He takes pride in owning a company that looks for the safest ventures and has earned a reputation for finding the most developmental wells available.

Sharing a Successful Business Model

Slavin is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. He was an Army officer and graduated with a master’s degree from Troy State University. After working at various businesses, he developed a proven business model that has helped others turn around their financial futures and enjoy great success. Slavin shares this model in his book by discussing the four different types of business ownership and the challenges or benefits associated with it. He also reviews ways that individuals may be more successful while minimizing their risks and taking advantage of proven business models.

Realistic Information

A man who has built his own fortune and written his own destiny, Slavin takes a realistic approach to the process. He understands that there will be challenges, setbacks, and times when people may want to give up. Slavin addressed all of these in his book and reviews strategies for moving forward and overcoming the difficult times. With open acknowledgement there will be struggles and challenges along the road, it’s made easier by taking the advice to heart before making the next step.

The Planning Process

Making a million dollars requires action, but it all starts with careful planning. Slavin goes into great detail about the thought process that precedes the best business ideas. He reviews the importance of putting thoughts down on paper, getting opinions from others, and learning how to overcome the lean budget that investors may be working with. Slavin has taken his experience in the business industry and his knowledge of starting up companies and has helped other people achieve their financial goals.

When looking for advice on any challenging situation, it is important to listen to people who have already succeeded. It is easy for someone to share theories, but the information takes on new meaning when it comes from someone who has made the necessary changes himself. Slavin has worked hard for more than 30 years and learned from all his past experiences. He has succeeded at developing a highly successful company that continues to grow and excel. Slavin is now sharing his story and advice with others who want to improve their financial future and become self-made millionaires.

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