What You Need to Know About Oil And Gas Investments

[Posted on September 17th, 2014 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

With constantly fluctuating prices and a still-strong demand across the globe, oil and gas has always been a good investment. You can buy at a very low price, and there will always been a need. Even with the ascendancy of other fuel sources or even with more people being more aware of eco-friendly products and services, oil and gas investments have a much wider appeal in society than is usually perceived; such fuels are essential for producing bottles, packaging, lubricants, and additives, among others. One of the best companies to work with in that regard is U.S. Emerald Energy Company, which is headquartered in Houston and has been in business for the past two decades.

Background and General Description

Founded in 1992, U.S. Emerald Energy is headed by founder Michael L.F. Slavin, who has over 30 years of combined industry and management experience. At U.S. Emerald Company, people are allowed to directly participate in oil and gas investment wells. Also, the company makes sure that it fully exploits proven reserves, and it only goes for safer developmental wells. U.S. Emerald Energy has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and it’s a member of the organization.

Joint Ventures

As a stalwart in the oil and gas industry, U.S. Emerald Energy firmly believes in joint ventures for clients interested in oil and gas investments. That means that the company will enter a business agreement with the investor, and both parties will combine resources for the investment. It also means that each party will be responsible for profits, losses, and costs associated with the joint venture. This arrangement means that the company is willing to be with investors through thick and thin, instead of leaving them hanging when things get rough. Also, the joint venture is its own entity, which means that it stays apart from other business interests of the respective parties.

Thorough Research and Cherry Picking

U.S. Emerald Energy uses a multi-step research process for its oil and gas prospects. Only 3D seismology and the most advanced research technology in the industry is used for estimating the properties of the Earth’s subsurface. Upon conclusion of the estimation, the company would then start from 50 to 100 different oil and gas prospects, which are presented to clients each year. The prospects are then considerably whittled down to a few scientifically sound developmental wells. U.S. Emerald Company conducts further research on these wells, and even call in independent geologists to help with the continued analysis. After the final findings, the company would present the best possible prospect to the client. It is a meticulous, cherry-picking culture that has yielded great results. As of 2014, U.S. Emerald Energy reports that over 80 percent of its wells are successful. This ensures a high probability that client will continue to reap great profits for years and years. Also, 15 percent of the income derived from investments is tax-free.

Multiple Pay Zones

U.S. Emerald Energy encourages people to go for oil and gas wells with multiple potential pay zones. This increases the chances of coming up with at least one stream of income, as opposed to drilling with a single objective and coming up with nothing.

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