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Hagen Ranch 4H well located in Texas

This video shows U.S. Emerald Energy taking a visit to see the Hagen Ranch 4H well located in the Austin Chalk, TX. Initially the production of this well was over 400 bbls of oil per day on a 32/64″ choke.


“U.S. Emerald Energy has been helpful in presenting numerous oil & gas investment opportunities over the past several years. As a retired geologist I have been pleased with the income stream, which they have provided which should leave a revenue legacy long after I am gone.”Ralph P., – Geologist, Grass Valley, CA

“I’ve invested in 12 joint ventures with U.S. Emerald Energy. They are scrupulously honest. My income stream beats the stock and bond markets even without the tax deductions.”William A., – Airline Pilot, Colleyville, TX


Let U.S. Emerald Energy Lead the Way for Your Oil and Gas Investments

oil and gas investments

If you are interested in oil and gas investments, choose a company with credibility that can lead you to successful ventures. U.S. Emerald Energy has vast experience in researching oil and gas prospects and manages the selection process in a manner that gives investors the advantage for success. From the beginning stages of development, we thoroughly research oil and gas prospects to guarantee the best selection process is taking place for our investors. For more than 20 years, we have utilized these methods, which is the foundation of our success.

When looking into oil and gas investments, U.S. Emerald Energy uses only the most advanced technological equipment available on the market today to conduct a search for developmental wells. Industry wide, there is an ~80% success rate when drilling for a developmental well. To ensure that everything possible is done to complete a successful project, we combine the benefit of a developmental well along with our exclusive techniques and state-of-the-art technology (which may include 3D seismic). This recipe for success has been delivering results throughout our history and has made us an industry leader in oil and gas joint ventures.

The innovative and modernized approach utilized by our experienced and talented professionals have helped establish U.S. Emerald Energy as a leader within the industry. Our clients experience a high level of security when they are investing in oil wells. First, we begin by screening 50 to 100 different oil and gas prospects each year for our clients. Then, we thoroughly evaluate the few remaining prospects to select the most scientifically sound developmental well for further research purposes. We then perform further due diligence, going over everything in great detail.

Part of the due diligence is breaking down the prospect and using independent geologists to rebuild it. Our process then narrows everything down until we are able to pinpoint the best prospect. This meticulous approach along with our utilization of the most up-to-date technology has led U.S. Emerald Energy to select the highest quality developmental prospects, thus netting us a proven track record for oil and gas investments for over 20 years. Our success rate for developmental oil well investments far surpasses the ~80% industry average.

This unique process allows us to cherry-pick only the very best prospects and deliver quality to our clients. By coming to U.S. Emerald Energy for an oil well investment, you can dramatically increase your chances of collecting a monthly income for many years and receive potentially large returns. Contact us today, and start investing for tomorrow!

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Oil And Gas Investments Are Proving To Be Popular Sources Of Income

[Posted by US Emerald Energy]

Oil and Gas Investments are proving to be popular methods for earning in the private sector. Since the United States Congress passed the Tax Reform Act of 1986, oil and gas working interests are specifically exempt from being classified as “Passive Income”. This and other tax incentives make the investment in oil & gas quite attractive to private investors. There is very good earning potential and there are tax breaks on the income you earn, and the investment itself is 100% tax deductible.

An oil well investment can offer a profitable yield on your initial investment. At U.S. Emerald Energy we highly recommend that individuals become involved in several of our wells. There exist certain possibilities of risk in this kind of venture, as there are with many investment options. Nevertheless, we decrease the risk by drilling much safer developmental wells. We also employ the most recent and most highly developed technology. We exclusively drill in prospects with “proved undeveloped” reserves and we keep close track of the industry for the safest opportunities. U.S. Emerald Energy was founded in 1992 and we exploit our 20+ years of practical knowledge to cherry pick the best developmental prospects.

If you would like to Invest in Oil now is the perfect time. If you do make oil and gas investments you should consider making an investment expanded over several wells. We recommend at the time you put together your initial financial commitment that you invest in at least three prospects to disperse your financial risk. By investing in no less than three wells, you improve the probability of having a well that produces hydrocarbons.

In an effort to enhance the success of your oil and gas investments we use methodologies that have been proven time and again in real world drilling scenarios. We are the preeminent experts in exploitation of known reserves. We are communicative throughout the drilling process and keep our investors informed at all times of the results, either positive or negative, as drilling progresses. For more information about us and about investing in our drilling projects please continue to browse our web site or contact us today.

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