Justice for Children (Saving children from pain and abuse)

U.S. Emerald Energy’s President, Mr. Slavin, is on the board of directors of Justice for Children, a 20+ year old charity that fights individual battles to save abused children. Justice for Children’s work has also created case law, including at the U.S. Supreme Court, that impacts every child in the United States.

Why help Justice for Children? Every dollar you donate to Justice for Children is multiplied by many hours of pro bono attorney volunteer work. JFC operates on about a $600,000 budget and does not have the resources to help every abused child’s case. When Mr. Slavin met Randy Burton, the founder of Justice for Children, he felt his time and dollars could make an impact, directly helping children, and so could yours.

The following is from Justice for Children’s website:

Visit the JFC BlogWhy we do what we do – Our 20th Anniversary (Video)

If you need more information than what is listed below, call us at 713-225-4357 or 800-733-0059

  • Each year, in almost half of all confirmed cases of child abuse, children do not receive any type of service to prevent re-abuse.
  • 40-50% of all children who die from abuse and neglect in our country had previous referrals to agencies mandated by law to protect them. JFC believes that every one of these children could and should have been saved.
  • The CPS philosophy of reunifying abused children with their offender leads to abusive families recycling through protective services systems.
  • JFC believes the efforts of law enforcement to conduct a thorough investigation are thwarted by reporting criminal child abuse to a civil agency.
  • Family/domestic courts often fail to recognize legitimate allegations of child abuse in child custody cases and are insensitive to the best interest of the child.

Will you help?

If everyone who stopped on this web site gave $10-20, that would be about $100,000 more a year to Justice for Children, a 16% increase in their available budget. How many extra children could they save from a scared, scaring abusive life? Do what you can please.

Will you please tell us if you donated?

U. S. Emerald has no way of knowing how effective we are at helping Justice for Children since the donation will be made directly to JFC. If you do donate, would you please drop us a short line, the date that you donated and the amount you donated?

Please notify us at info@usemeraldenergy.com.

Do you know of any child in need of help?