Many wells have multiple productive zones. After the well has produced all of the oil or gas from the original completed zone, the well will be recompleted in a zone above the initial completion.

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Recompleting a well is very similar to completing the original zone. Some differences include the additional preparation of the wellbore, because you have equipment in the hole and you have holes in the casing from the last productive zone.

The tubing will be pulled and a plug will be set above the perforations in the original zone. A packer will be set above the new zone and the zone will be perforated. Then the tubing will be put back in the hole and the well will be flow tested and pressure tested. If the formation is good, it will then be put into production.

In a new well with multiple zones, the process usually starts with the deepest zone. Over the years and as each formation becomes depleted, we will work our way back up the well bore completing the next zone. This is usually the least complicated and least expensive method. Sometimes the largest zone will not be the deepest zone. In these cases you can start with the largest zone and when it depletes, then go down to a deeper zone.

Every well recompletion is an adventure, and the results of each individual formation have nothing to do with the success or failure of the other zones in a well. Each new zone can have virgin pressure and produce like a new well. In addition, some formations might be productive for only a short amount of time, while others may produce for many years. Drilling wells and recompleting wells with multiple formations is also a great way to lower the overall risk of the project.

Recompletions in a recently drilled well or an active well are very routine. See the U.S. Emerald Energy ‘completions’ section to learn more specific details about the recompletion process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today.


Rigged Up on Location

Workover Rig Tripping Production
Tubing on a Recompletion Job

Service Engineer Running Tool Down Hole

Workover Rig with Production Tubing Pulled Out of Well

Bulldozer Pulling Wireline Truck Out of Mud