When the drilling rig is moved on location it is time to start setting up the rig. This is called rigging up. This is started by assembling the substructure and leveling it to make it ready for the other components of the rig. After rigging up the substructure, the rig floor set up process begins. Digging the cellar occurs prior to the rig floor setup. The drawworks are set in and held to the substructure. Next comes the assembling of the mast, crown block and monkeyboard. The mast is raised up and then the rig floor is attached. At the same time, the power system is set up with the rig floor.

Raising the mast


While one crew finishes rigging up the floor, another crew might be rigging up the circulation system and setting the mud tanks and pumps into their prearranged location. The residual drilling and auxiliary equipment needs to be set into place and installed.

Mud Pumps

Mud System

Afterward, the catwalk and pipe racks are positioned and the drill and pipe collars are loaded onto the racks. Then, it is time to perform a comprehensive inspection of the rig before spudding in.


Pipe Rack