Receive the Advantage of a Tax Deductible Investment with U.S. Emerald Energy

  • Monthly Income and Potentially Large Returns
  • 100% Tax Deductible and 15% of the Gross Income is Tax Free
  • Hedge Against the Stock Market and World economy
  • Historically, Oil Prices are Always Trending Upward


Make Your Tax Deductible Investment with the Professionals at U.S. Emerald Energy

tax deductible investmentCongress delivered tax incentives for tax deductible investments such as oil and gas, to stimulate domestic production that is financed by private investment means. Since 1986, the Tax Reform Act has made oil and gas drilling one of the most tax-advantaged investments available. U.S. Emerald Energy is aware of the opportunities oil and gas projects provide to their investors, and they have streamlined their processes to ensure safer and larger opportunities for profit.

At U.S. Emerald Energy, our skilled professionals have developed an advanced methodology for starting our prospect selection cycle. By assessing 50 to 100 oil and gas prospects each year, we use specific methodologies to select the most scientifically sound four or five solid developmental prospects to research and perform due diligence in great detail. Because of distinct discoveries, we eliminate more prospects from this group and select the most solid option. With this approach, we have picked many successful wells and have an outstanding track record for our clients’ tax deductible investment options for over 20 years.

When selecting oil and gas as your investment, you can deduct up to 80% -90% of the invested amount the first year. When reporting taxes, the total amount of Intangible Drilling Costs (IDCs) will be reported to the our accountant at the end of the year, who will then begin to prepare the K1 tax forms. This can include professional services, labor intensive costs such as a drilling contractor and more. The remaining 10%-20% are the tangible drilling and completion costs, and are then depreciated over the next 7 years. This can include necessary pipe, storage tanks, and wellhead equipment.

Everything is calculated for you by our accountant, and will then be transferred to your K1 tax form which we will mail you sometime in late February or early March. Using the tax benefits of oil and gas can help to greatly reduce your risks and can also help for you to make your money back faster since a portion of your investment will be returned in the form of a deduction when you file your taxes.

We also qualify for the small producers exemption allowance, which means a portion of the gross income off of your well is tax free. The current allowance for depletion is 15%, so 15 cents of every gross income dollar is not taxed, producing tax-sheltered income. We even get the K1’s out in a timely manner, and taking the deductions is very simple. The form is provided well in advance and our CPA’s are available to help with your tax deductible investment.

If you have any questions or are ready to invest in oil wells, contact U.S. Emerald Energy today.