How New Technologies Have Made it Easier to Invest in Oil Wells?

[Posted on November 5th, 2013 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

Technologies related to oil and gas exploration and production have advanced greatly in just the past 25 years. These new developments have improved the working conditions around oil rigs and have also translated to less wasted effort on the part of well drilling companies. In order to promote the safest possible working conditions and the best possible returns for those who invest in oil wells, U.S. Emerald Energy utilizes every available new technology to the fullest extent possible. 

Advanced Exploration Methods

Advanced exploration and modeling have led to the discovery and mapping of previously unknown petroleum and gas reserves and must be understood by those who invest in oil wells. Seismic testing, a technology used to locate subsurface deposits, is performed by introducing pulsating waves similar to those that occur during earthquakes into the earth’s crust. The waves move at different speeds through different materials, and the pattern of the waves as they travel through the subsurface can be used to pinpoint the location of groundwater deposits, underground fault lines and oil- and gas-bearing formations. The information collected from seismic testing is used to create maps of the subsurface showing the areas where oil and gas are most likely to be recovered.

Improved Extraction Technologies

Petroleum and gas reserves once thought to be inaccessible due to extreme depth, low density and low porosity of the rock in which the reserve is located can now be accessed and successfully pumped thanks to new drilling and extraction techniques. Improved methods allow drilling to greater depths than ever before, while horizontal drilling promotes better access to thinly layered deposits. Hydraulic fracturing is used to open up spaces in tight rock formations to facilitate the extraction of trapped oil and gas. 

Making an Investment with U.S. Emerald Energy

U.S. Emerald Energy offers investors the opportunity to play a role in the oil and gas industry through our joint venture partnerships. When an investor partners with U.S. Emerald Energy, he or she gets the benefit of all of the new technologies implemented by our company, as well as our extensive knowledge of oil and gas exploration and extraction built over two decades in the industry. U.S. Emerald Energy is responsible for partnering with an operator who will locate a likely productive oil or gas formation, acquire the necessary drilling rights and supply the work needed to drill the well while the partners provide the monetary funding for the project. The entire cost of the well is tax-deductible for the investor even if it does not strike oil or gas. In the event of a productive well, the investor receives a monthly dividend check based upon the number of barrels produced from the well during the month, a portion of which is free from federal taxation. 

The success or failure of any investment cannot be guaranteed. This is as true of investing in oil and gas as it of investing in real estate, stocks and bonds, precious metals and agricultural commodities. It is critical to go into any investment with the knowledge you need to make an intelligent choice about whether the investment is worth the risk for you. Before investing, a potential investor should take the time to learn about our company and the research we perform before the drilling equipment is mobilized. To find out more about the advanced technologies our company uses, visit our website at U.S. Emerald Energy today. At our site you will find summaries of recent projects and more information about putting your money to work with an investment in an oil or gas well.

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