“Over the years, I have been driven to make my hard earned money work for me so that I won’t have to work later in life. The returns on savings accounts are dismal. The news is not favorable for the bond or stock markets. So I have turned to credit unions. But even those have their rules to getting the high percentages which only reach around 3.25%. That helps in keeping with inflation, but doesn’t help for long-term growth.
So I turned to the Internet and search for investments where I could gain more on my money. Real estate, property ownership, and agriculture seemed too risky and may also require a lot of work and patience for a payoff. FOREX was too difficult to follow with all of the factors affecting exchange rates. Then I looked at oil companies and North Dakota as that has become a boom-town area with phenomenal payoffs to the workers. Though, the requirement to be an accredited investor is a problem. I fell short and became discouraged. I continued my search and found U.S. Emerald Energy. Though accreditation is mentioned, it is not a requirement and fractions of an interest in a well are allowed. After looking though the free book by Nick Slavin and researching oil investments, I emailed Matt Greenfield with a number of questions to which he quickly replied by phone. Some answers he had to check further, but he always got back with me. Before I invested, he told me repeatedly that I have to be comfortable with any investment. U.S. Emerald Energy is not looking to get people onboard through high pressure tactics. They simply present each well in high detail to potential investors. If a person wants to invest that is great. If they don’t that is great as well. They truly want people who want to invest on their own accord.

Before investing, I watched the homemade videos of Matt and others driving up to wells. They give a great picture of them in operation. It should be noted that the company even offers to any investor that wants to visit their well or similar ones by putting them up in a hotel and driving them to the site. I still had one more thing I had to do before making a decision of whether or not to invest with U.S. Emerald Energy. My final task before taking the final plunge was to get outside references. I used their references list and chose the Senior Vice President of Bank of America in Houston and another person who knew the President personally. Both provided excellent references tied with outstanding relationships over many years and I was told that Michael Slavin is a man of integrity. It should also be mentioned that at my request Matt provided a new Dun & Bradstreet report which along with BBB showed them to be members in good standing. U.S. Emerald Energy is also a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Houston Northwest Houston Chamber of Commerce.

With all of this in mind – the exceptional customer service, the attention to detail in engineering specs, the oil expertise of the men involved, and the integrity of the people along with the high success rate of the company — it made the giant leap forward a much smaller step. This is a real company with real people who are in the field to get real results.”

Jeff D.

“I have been doing business with U.S. Emerald Energy for 12 years. I have always found the company to be very professional. Matt Greenfield’s emails keep me informed of the performance of my wells and has been an added bonus. I hold Michael Slavin with much respect. His integrity is what keeps me investing with U.S. Emerald. I also love the excitement of having a well drilled that I own a part of. Of course, it can be a risky investment, but I have done quite well with my investments through U.S. Emerald Energy.”

Kent R.

“Over the past year I have been working with U.S. Emerald Energy. I started with one well and then made a trip to Houston, TX for a site visit. After meeting Mr. Greenfield and Mr. Slavin, I felt much better about my investment. Their generosity and honesty about the company and oil industry was beneficial. Since then, I have purchased two more wells. Mr. Greenfield has always taken time to answer my question in a timely fashion. Even though there are sometimes delays in the drilling process, I never worry about the status as their updates are timely. Additionally, there is always a risk to invest in the oil/gas JV’s, so you have to do your own due diligence. I have been extremely happy with U.S. Emerald Energy and look forward to purchasing more wells in the future.”

Courtney T.

“My wife and I have participated in several oil & gas well joint ventures since we started investing with Emerald Energy since 2008. Their communication is great, with emailed and mailed details of the well drilling from start to finish, as well as monthly production details mailed with the revenue check each month during production. Emerald Energy has the expertise to select the best available oil & gas opportunities that have the best chance of success. I also know that if I have any questions or concerns, I can simply call them.”

Mark M.

“While there are lots of risk in all forms of investments today, of which oil is definitely one, U.S. Emerald Energy has been effective in not overstating nor misrepresenting anything. I wanted to personally thank you for the opportunity to be a venture partner in three different wells. Having been born and living in Texas in my younger life, I’ve always wanted to be part of the oil industry. U.S. Emerald Energy became my only choice after a long due diligence period.”

Raymond B.

We saw our investments hit by the great recession. So, we started to look around for alternative investments to diversify our money. In the process, sure, we learned a few things. But the big surprise? We had fun. A critical part of making it fun instead of a horror story is to pick the right management team to guide you. We had one oil well investment that resulted in the company officers going to court and possibly facing prison sentences. We may never see money returned from that.

When we invested with U.S. Emerald Energy Partners, http://www.usemeraldenergy.com, we were given a great deal of insight into the process. A constant guiding hand to educate and inform us of the deep and interesting world of oil investing creates a powerful incentive to stay involved. The management team is devoted to making the process painless. Their professional and ethical standards are faultless.

To better understand, and, frankly since we thought it would be fun, we went on location to two of our oil wells. The Emerald Energy team let us tour their office. We met with some of the contacts that we’d exchanged email with. They told us details, technical and financial of how the oil industry and drilling field operate.

They drove us to two wells and we took pictures like tourists. It was just a fun time. The best part was my wife enjoyed it. She had a big smile on her face when she climbed up a set of stairs to peer down into a 18 wheeler truck sized trailer half filled with water and oil. She got some oil and dirt on her hands and I was fortunate enough to capture the moment when see proudly showed the stained palms to me.

Thank you to Matt Greenfield of U.S. Emerald Energy for arranging the tour and the regular status updates.

Please note: investing in oil wells is a risky activity. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Do as we did. Start small and hang on for the long term. There are criminals out there, so check the details. We see small monthly checks. It will be a long time to recover our investment. But, we are having fun along the way.

Gibson N.

“I was contacted by U.S. Emerald several years ago as a potential investor in their company. I absolutely have no regrets for investing my dollars in several of their oil speculations. Several of these oil speculations offered financial advantages and continue to pay dividends, not to mention the tax write offs at years end. My wife and I have visited the company headquarters in Houston, Texas and found the President, Mike Slavin, to be extremely knowledgeable, honest, open and very helpful prior to our investing with this company. Upon our investment, we have been kept apprised regular with clear and complete communications with regard to each step of the wells development. My wife and I are completely satisfied with our investment in U.S. Emerald and look forward to future investments.”

James K.