The well has reached total depth, and it is time to evaluate and test the well. The tool pusher will see to it that the driller and roughnecks get the hole conditioned for the first phase of testing the well: the logging of the well.

Logging Truck

After a well is drilled, it will be logged. Electric logging tools are run to the bottom of the hole and slowly pulled back up to the surface. There are many different kinds of electric logs, and the Petroleum Geologist will select the ones that will give him the best data about the particular hole that is being logged. After the electric logs are run and there are indications that some of the formations contain hydrocarbons, other tests are performed to determine whether the well is commercial or not. For further testing, sidewall cores, formation tests and pressure tests may be taken from the well and be analyzed.

Sidewall Core Gun

If the well is commercial, it is time to complete the well.