Top Five Trends in Oil Investing

[Posted on February 12th, 2015 by Michael L. F. Slavin]


Few industries offer the potential to amass large quantities of wealth aside from oil investing. The world appears ready to increase oil production, and the advances in the North American continent continue to drive the oil industry to a 50-year high record of production. Studies have revealed the following trends in the oil and gas industry when financial stakeholders look into oil investing:

Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Texas saw an increase of 18% in oil production for 2013, and many people are continuing their interest in the oil investing boom occurring due to the happenings in the Permian Basin. Texas stands poised to obtain, refine, and market the oil to give the United States a lead in the world’s oil production; the US is currently the fourth largest oil producer in the world.

Iran to Increase Production after the UN Lifts Sanctions

The sanctions imposed on Iran due to its nuclear program are expected to end during the summer of 2014. Therefore, Iran sits poised to produce more than 4 million barrels of oil per day for distribution into the global economy. This abundance of oil may cause the market to experience a excess surplus of oil available for refinement. If more product is available, the prices should decrease, and the demand will increase. This chain of events leads to a large profit for investors.

Transportation by Train

Since the US administration refused to approve the controversial Keystone Pipeline, Canada has experienced an increase in the amount of oil shipments via railroad. Further railways are being designed and built from the Bakken region into North Dakota. Due to the added cost of transportation of oil, investors will reap the benefits of higher prices paid by consumers.

Russia Versus Canada

The Arctic Circle houses a large amount of the world’s remaining undiscovered oil and natural gas. However, Russia and Canada both appear to be feuding over who retains rights to the Arctic Circle’s minerals and territory. In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened military intervention to defend the area against Canadian domination. Investors in the coming Arctic Circle oil industry will see a massive return in next few years.

Declining Prices in the US

The US increases in oil production is slowly lowering the price consumers pay for gas- and petroleum-based products. The Texas Oil Boom shows no signs of stopping, and prices are expected to continue declining through the remainder of the year. In order to make the best profit from an investment in the oil industry, investors should wait on investing until the price hits the lowest expected point.

The amount of wealth available in the petroleum industry only continues to grow yearly. In fact, engineers predict a forthcoming surplus of oil. This concept, in combination with the above mentioned trends, gives you the power to make a substantial gain off of this market. The time to invest in oil has arrived, and you only need to decide when you’re going to contact US Emerald Energy to propose an investment in their prestigious and dependable company.

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