Find Trustworthy Oil and Gas Investments with U.S. Emerald Energy

[Posted on June 13th, 2013 by Michael L. F. Slavin]

With gasoline prices swelling to new heights, costing consumers considerable amounts of money at the pump, it’s easy to become frustrated spending so much for gasoline. While this frustration is warranted, it does come with a silver lining: the high price and large demand can make for wise oil and gas investments.

Why it’s a Smart Investment

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the U.S. consumed nearly 6.87 billion barrels of oil in 2011 and 7 billion barrels in 2010. This averages out to around 19 million barrels of oil consumed per day. The majority of the oil that the U.S. uses is imported from other nations, including Canada, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia. However, because importing oil is more expensive than using a domestic product, the US continues to try to minimize their reliance on foreign oil.  This has led to tax breaks, and other benefits, for people who engage in oil and gas investments.

Potential Warning Signs

With oil and gas so potentially lucrative, many companies have started to appear in search of investors. Though many of these companies are legitimate, many red flags exist with the industry that investors should be aware of. Some red flags may include:

  • Companies that overwhelm you with unsolicited materials
  • Companies that urge you to keep the investment a secret, discouraging you from discussing your plans with a lawyer or financial adviser
  • Companies who guarantee profit or offer "can’t miss" opportunities
  • Companies who pressure you into making a decision by stating that the investment opportunity is only available for a limited time

Other red flags may include companies who are not established, companies with a bad rating from the Better Business Bureau, and companies with no history of the state of oil and gas regulatory agencies.

What U.S. Emerald Energy Can Do For You

Those looking to invest in oil and gas while avoiding potential red flags should consider investing with U.S. Emerald Energy. With over 20 years of experience with oil and gas investments, U.S. Emerald Energy offers the following benefits to its investors:

  • Over two decades of experience – they were established in 1992
  • Exploitation of known oil reserves
    Drilling in proven undeveloped reserves
  • Use of the latest technology
  • An A + rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • The formation of a joint venture where you will have a say in major decisions and buyout possibilities

In addition to the above, investing in oil and gas also offers the following:

  • Monthly income potential
  • Returns on the initial investment
  • Ability to hedge your investment against the stock market and world economy
  • 100 percent deduction during the first year for Intangible Drill Costs (IDCs)
  • 15 percent of gross income exempt from taxes

While U.S. Emerald Energy can’t guarantee a return on your investment, their focus on proven areas with several pay zones, as well as their expertise and experience, will help to give investors the best to earn money with a sound oil and gas investment.

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