– We do not and cannot guarantee well success and no one can.

-We guarantee that any prospect we show is of the highest caliber, supported with as much data as available. We often use 3D seismic data, but that in itself is not a guarantee of success. Many wild cat prospects are found with 3D and most of those are not successful. 3D is often not necessary in close in developmental wells. However in the right area using 3D in conjunction with well logs can be extremely effective.

-We guarantee that we do not drill wild cat wells, with only an industry average of a 10% success rate. We only drill developmental wells which have over an 80% success rate industry wide.

-We guarantee that we will keep you informed in a very timely manner with good news or bad news. As a joint venture partner it is your right, for you do have a say and will vote on any significant work done on the well or decisions to sell or plug the well.